Haze OS 6 Cheesecake: How we’re going to simplify our user’s desk?

So it has not even been a year since we’ve released the fifth major release of our Operating System- the Haze OS. We’ve experimented with a lot of different Linux based technologies meanwhile to see how we can integrate those into this software and carry on with our mission to simplify Desktop OSes. Haze OS Chocolate Fondant attracted a wider audience compared to our older releases and we’d like to thank you a lot for that.Today we’re unveiling the next upgrade for Haze OS, codenamed: ‘Cheesecake’ since we’ve ran out of names of Chocolates. Under each of the headings in this post, is an explanation as to why we planned to do this or how we’re planning to work this out. Haze OS 6 release poster

Debian Base

By adopting Debian Testing as the base of Haze OS, we achieve two things:

  • Users needn’t ‘upgrade their distro’ anymore since updates will be delivered to them from the Debian Testing repo itself.
  • Users escape from Canonical’s limited time support for Ubuntu and have cutting edge software from the Debian Testing repository.

Yes that’s right, we’re adopting Debian as the base from now on for all the editions of Haze OS, unlike Haze OS 5 which had Origami edition alone with Debian as the base. As the benefits are mentioned above, you might also ask, how can we manage to build a beginner friendly operating system with Debian as the base while Ubuntu’s application library is larger and is geared towards the target audience in the first place as well?

  • Both are .deb based and almost everything you’d find installable on Ubuntu should be on Debian too. With Steam client that comes pre-installed with Haze OS 6 as well, you can install as many games as you want without worrying if your peer or friend is also using the same app on the same platform.
  • We’ve included the GNOME Software (that is a little buggy now) to let you easily browse and install from thousands of available applications for your system with a nice UI.
  • We’ve planned to release a Premium edition in the future that’ll cover a wider variety of applications with first-priority support. This way the power users can invest a little bit initially and have worry less about installing and setting up applications to suit their needs.

Cinnamon 2.2* (For Core Edition alone)

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 9.24.28 pm Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 8.11.20 pm Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 8.09.56 pm Cinnamon 2 is by itself a very huge upgrade because it now doesn’t rely on Gnome’s dependencies anymore and comes with a huge number of enhancements made across the Desktop environment by the Linux Mint community. Like you already know Haze OS’ Core edition isn’t just some random Linux distro with vanilla Cinnamon desktop and nice looking artworks, it adds a lot of extensions like the Configurable menu(which is by default is preconfigured to gel with the default Haze OS look and feel), screen-capture applet, slick keystroke launcher, panel like dock that is almost infinitely customizable, easy-to-understand hot corners, desktop cube and so much more. We’ve ported all those technologies here along with some aesthetic improvements like implementing the new:

  • Icon theme: combination of Emerald, Flattr, Ozon and Vibrance icons.
  • GTK theme: Iris Dark supports the GTK 3.14+ header bar on the windows and has GTK2 compatibility.
  • Shell theme: Ciliora-Secunda is slightly tweaked on the buttons.
  • New Dock theme: Customized
  • Wallpaper set: High-definition wallpapers handpicked from Deviantart artists and Unsplash.com. We will post more information about these resources in our upcoming posts.

More importantly we’ve a included a range of GTK 3.14 apps like:

  • Gnome Music
  • Gnome Photos
  • Gnome Maps
  • Gnome Clock
  • Gnome Contacts
  • Gnome Software
  • Bijiben
  • Go-for-it!
  • Gedit
  • Nautilus: Will be used as the default file manager but on the desktop, Nemo will be running.
  • Geary
  • California Calendar
  • Birdie
  • Audience media player
  • Cheese webcam booth

Note: we’ve covered only the GTK 3.14 apps here, rest of them will be found on another heading. We’ve also added a couple of new scripts on the file manager and on the desktop. These are just some of the things you can do by simply right-clicking anywhere on the empty portion of the file manager/desktop:

  • Download YouTube videos by right-clicking on the desired location, selecting Scripts->Download a video from YouTube.sh, entering the URL of the video and choosing if you want to download only the audio or the complete video.
  • Encrypt or Decrypt information on the files with the built-in Steganography tools.
  • Basic image editing like rotating, scaling, trimming or tuning the images.
  • Installing fonts
  • Mounting or making ISOs
  • Extracting audio files or converting video formats.

The Default Web Browser

…is now Chromium, since

  • It’s UI is familiar is UI is familiar for everyone
  • Open-Source
  • Extensions and App library is humongous.

And we’ve added three more things to this web browser to have a distinguished UX on Haze OS:

  • Hands-free: Will let you use your webcam to scroll through pages with hand/motion gestures.
  • Pia: A smart voice assistant built right onto the toolbar of the app.
  • Typer Live (App): Let’s you create a video conversation room seamlessly and communicate with anybody peer-to-peer without installs or registration.

Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 2.57.52 pmMore information regarding Typer.IM can be found on the official website itself.

UEFI support

This is without doubt one of the most requested feature from our community. As the name explains, most modern PCs and Laptops come with this bootloader preinstalled and from Haze OS 6, you would no longer need to use any other third-party distro to make Haze OS EFI compatible.

WINE comes pre-installed

Though it isn’t so hard for anybody to install this app on any Linux based system, we thought people transitioning from other platforms like Windows or OS X wouldn’t know how to run their favorite Windows programs here and what is the name of that additional software (i.e. WINE) they need to make this thing work. We’re also adding PlayOnLinux to help you install Windows programs with minimal manual intervention.

 & so many other things!

These are by far some of the things that we’ve added to Haze OS 6 but we’re still experimenting with many different technologies to push the boundaries of simplifying desktop computing. This time, we need your help & support to bring our dreams to reality and we’ve a setup a list of missions to accomplish before we release the first ALPHA version. If you’ve guessed it already, we’re not even half the way yet. Above all, the most powerful way you can help us is by contributing a few bucks now because it really encourages us to keep ourselves and our project live and working. Here’s a list of things that we need your help in the technical side of things:

  • Install Google2ubuntu (type “sudo apt-get install google2ubuntu” on the terminal to install it) and let us know if your voice commands work fine. Also let us know how we can resolve this issue either in the form of patches or just instructions if it doesn’t work.
  • The Gnome-Software or the App Center doesn’t load the apps quickly or at most times, it doesn’t display the icons at all. Let us know how it works for you and how you think we can resolve this issue. If you get any other graphical software manager like Deepin Software Center or App Grid to work, do let us know.
  • Get Darling, the OS X compatibility layer to work on Haze OS. This idea is however not given top priority since Darling is in the very initial stage of development and it has barely worked for any of the users.
  • Discover any unknown bugs and report to us.
  • Last but not the least, your feedbacks, suggestions, contributions and requests!

We’re not fond of formality, so you can reach us via whatever means you’re comfortable with be it from our groups, contact form on our official website or this post’s comments section itself.

Community expansion plan

So we’ve opened up a new Google+ group for everyone on Google+ apart from the Facebook page which is already live from a long time. This time in order to help us reach a wider audience, we’ve planned to buy a new website from a premium web hosting service like Hostgator to host a premium quality website and content with WordPress. That’s going to be made possible with the help of your donations only so purchasing that will be the biggest investment that we need to make from our part. If we nail this part, we’ve planned to unlock the download link of the ISO only when one shares the website via a tweet or a Facebook update because we’re currently striving to reach a broader audience.


Download from Google Drive Note! Do bear in mind that this release is very unstable and it is strongly meant for people to only try out, help the team and fixing some issues. Default password for the user ‘Haze’: a

Donate to this project!

You can donate up to 20$ by clicking on the ‘Pay now’ link in our official website’s homepage, however if you’re willing to pay us more, you can do so by completing multiple transactions. Remember we’re in a very initial stage currently so we’ll continue to simplify this process of donation in the future.